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Jan 19 2018 10:06AM - Snow on the top of Peckinpah. More rain this evening and possibility of snow at our elevation.

Nov 18 2017 8:27AM - 50 degrees and sunny. We got 3/4 of an inch of rain.

Oct 20 2017 1:19PM - Fall is here and IT RAINED. Last night our rain gauge showed 1/2 Inch!

53 degrees at 1;00 pm

Sep 10 2017 9:48AM - Power is on and webcam is back. Wildfires are selective and firefighters are the heroes.

May 7 2017 12:05PM - 52 Degrees. Light rain or heavy mist on the ground this morning. NOAA says Tuesday we go back to the 70s.

Mar 26 2017 8:06AM - 43 degrees as the sun slowly peeks over the ridge. The rain slowly recedes as Spring insists on its own beautiful season. Our local Supervisor Tom Wheeler says he has measured 61 inches of rain so far this season.

Feb 27 2017 7:24AM - 34 degrees and beautiful clean snow this morning. Still coming down. The last couple of days of sunshine makes me appreciate the silence of a morning of quiet snowfall.

Jan 21 2017 8:30AM - SNOWPLOW!!!! Cascadel Heights road is plowed. To Madera County Road Department employees who get up in the middle of night to make our roads safer get a BIG HURRAH and bigger Thank YOU!!!

Jan 21 2017 8:19AM - ABC News says snow elevation to 3500 feet.

Jan 21 2017 8:17AM - Snow! Lots and lots of Snow. Perhaps 8 inches. No snow plow yet; HELLO Madera County? Probably main arteries take precedence. Power Out. Generator On.

Jan 8 2017 10:34AM - Rain has stopped for a few hours. We took a ride to the Cascade overlook and Whisky Creek Weir. WOW! it is NOT SAFE TO CROSS THE CREEK AT THE WEIR. Awesome standing at the Cascade overlook. Prohibition Creek also looks unsafe to pass over.

Jan 4 2017 7:42AM - Hello from 2017. So far it's looking like a wet one.
42 degrees and raining. Rain predicted for today, tonight and tomorrow. Probably will not snow -- it's a southern storm.

Dec 8 2016 2:21PM - 50 degrees, cloudy, rain. Nice day to spend by a fireplace.

Dec 2 2016 8:34AM - Tree tops are breaking off and falling.

Dec 2 2016 8:33AM - Santa Claus Is dancing -- wait for the 10 second refresh to get an idea of what is happening in Cascadel Ranch right now.

Area Forecast Discussion
Issued by NWS San Joaquin Valley, CA
We are currently seeing more of a
northerly flow across the Sierra instead of a perpendicular NE
flow across the Sierra needed for a strong Mono wind event. The
wind event has not really set up yet and is expected to set up later
this morning. We have seen some gusts to 35 mph near Mt. Tom.

Nov 27 2016 10:02AM - Here comes the Sun. 39.8 degrees, there goes the snow :-(.

Nov 27 2016 7:48AM - 32.6 degrees outside. Approximately 5 inches of snow. County snow plow did a great job -- clear to the pavement. A patch of blue sky overhead.

Oct 19 2016 7:09AM - 46 degrees and sunny. Beautiful day in the neighborhood! The air is so clear after the rain. Perfect day to look at new homes or see what your home might be worth:

Oct 15 2016 7:40AM - The webcam is back in full operation. We had the outside of our home painted and the painter had plastic taped over the webcam window. All is done and Phil Miller did a fantastic job painting our house. If you ever need a painter I highly recommend him - but you'll have to 'take a number' because his good work is well known.

Now - the important question: WHERE is our rain???

Sep 14 2016 8:30AM - Up to a toasty 47 degrees at 8:30 this morning. Nice sunshine.

Sep 13 2016 1:03PM - 47 degrees this morning. COLD!

Jul 28 2016 10:56AM - Forecast: 102 Degrees today. 70 Degrees low tonight.

Jul 1 2016 12:43PM - 97 degrees at noon. Forecast high of 95 degrees - or NOT.

Jun 24 2016 6:51AM - 68 degrees, sunny and cloudless. Forecast for the week is 90+ everyday.

Jun 8 2016 7:51AM - 75 degrees and sunny. Slight cooling for the rest of the week (high 80s). Trees are coming down. Sad but a relief.

Jun 2 2016 11:49AM - Dead Pine Trees, see them here? PG&E just marked 73 of ours to take down. I think we will be able to count the survivors (at least of this summer) on one hand. Note: mainly small trees.

May 28 2016 8:32AM - 70 Degrees. Don't look at the high temperatures for next week if you haven't gotten your A/C or coolers ready to go. "Spoiler Alert" 94 degrees on Wednesday.

May 24 2016 8:12AM - 51 Degrees outside. Surprise showers last night. Chances of them continuing today and tomorrow.

Apr 30 2016 7:30AM - 53 Degrees, sunny very few clouds. 30% chance of showers tomorrow. Big wind early this morning.

The big tree on the right of the screen is now completely dead. 🙁

Apr 25 2016 3:13PM - 3:12 and the snow has stopped. It has been replaced by blue skies and only a few clouds over Peckinpah.

Apr 25 2016 2:09PM - 2:00 and it is SNOWING!

Apr 15 2016 6:54AM - 39 degrees, Sunny. No rain in the forecast 🙁

Apr 13 2016 7:54AM - 51 degrees and a lot of clouds but no rain for now.

Mar 8 2016 6:57AM - 33 degrees COLD, warm fire started already. BEAUTIFUL sun peeking over the mountain. Snow quickly melting. How much we LOVE the rain and snow!!!

Mar 7 2016 7:00AM - SNOW!!!!!!! It is 34 degrees and snowing (lightly but snowing).

Mar 6 2016 7:15AM - 39 degrees, raining. Satellite shows this is close to the end of the current storm. Weatherman says colder storm here tomorrow.

Feb 20 2016 9:42AM - Question: Do you know anyone who is thinking of buying or selling property in our area? Someone looking to invest here?

We appreciate all referrals. We will welcome the opportunity to use our extensive experience in this area helping you or your friends and neighbors.

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Jan 31 2016 9:45AM - Snowing!!!

Jan 16 2016 7:46AM - I love a rainy day! 41 degrees so probably rain not snow today.

Jan 8 2016 10:02AM - 35 degrees. Clear sky. 1-2 inches of snow on the ground.

Jan 5 2016 8:29AM - 42 degrees - Rain, Rain and more Rain. The next 7 days (as far as NOAA projects) predict RAIN.

Dec 29 2015 8:35AM - Sunny, no rain/snow predicted today. Balmy (?) 28 degrees right now.

Dec 25 2015 8:22AM - Merry Christmas - and it is WHITE here. Snow yesterday, snowplow last night and bright shiny snow covered trees this morning.
A 'toasty' 25 degrees outside.

Dec 22 2015 11:45AM - 50 degrees and foggy. Slight rain, looking forward to snow soon!

Dec 11 2015 8:51AM - SNOWING!!! 37.7 degrees. Satellite reception dead.

Dec 11 2015 6:29AM - SNOW! Not a lot but snow this morning and 33.5 degrees.

Nov 26 2015 6:00AM - Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Oct 24 2015 12:10PM - 74 degrees and partly cloudy. See the brown pine trees?

Oct 23 2015 8:05AM - 54 degrees. Sunny, not a cloud in the sky. It is interesting to me to watch the rising sun move across the ridge as the seasons change.

Oct 18 2015 8:00AM - 50 degrees , RAIN & more RAIN.
Thunder and lightning.

Oct 17 2015 8:01AM - 62 Degrees, partly cloudy - perhaps showers this afternoon?

Oct 16 2015 6:48AM - 61 degrees, slight chance of showers through Sunday night.

Oct 11 2015 7:56AM - 66 degrees. Whisky Ridge is not spelled wrong - thiis is the way they spell it on the maps.

Oct 10 2015 5:00PM - See that BIG Ponderosa Pine right in front of the pictuer? We are hoping it survives the drought and beetles. Stay tuned -- and your fingers crossed that this Big Boy is strong enough to survive.

Oct 2 2015 8:12AM - 57 degrees, Brrrrrr. Need to get the coolers covered. Sprinkling of rain yesterday. Maybe rain on Sunday?

Oct 1 2015 8:14AM - 60 Degrees and..... 80% chance of SHOWERS!!!!!

Sep 27 2015 8:05AM - 68 Degrees, clear and sunny with a few clouds. Wednesday we are looking at a high of 83 Degrees. Is that what we call Fall now?

Sep 21 2015 7:08AM - 71 Degrees, clear, no smoke in the air. Also no rain in the forecast.

Sep 15 2015 7:53AM - 58 degrees. Rain, the radar screen doesn't look too promising but we'll take all we can get.

Sep 14 2015 12:16PM - Raining!!

Sep 13 2015 10:13AM - 79 degrees and so smoky you cannot see across Cascadel to Peckinpah. But.... it's fine because nothing is burning right here. Some raindrops reported in Ahwahnee. We need moisture so badly; it's the only way to stop these hideous fires.

Sep 5 2015 8:44AM - 65 degrees and that feels cold in here. Lots of smoke, warmer days ahead.

Aug 30 2015 8:28AM - 70 degrees, light smoke but getting worse. Cooling pattern, beginning to feel like fall. Big Dead Pine Trees being cut down all around us. Pine Bark Beetles are destroying our forest.

Aug 27 2015 7:30AM - 70 Degrees. Another incredibly beautiful day in paradise.

Aug 23 2015 4:24PM - And.... only a few hours later the smoke is completely gone.
Still 89 Degrees.

Aug 23 2015 12:20PM - 89 Degrees - comfortable. Smoke from the Rough Fire just about eliminates breathing unless you like to combine it with a good deal of coughing.

Aug 9 2015 9:04AM - 79 degrees, no smoke smell, a little overcast. All in all a beautiful day (especially compared with last week).

Jul 27 2015 8:01AM - 68 degrees and smoke. Lots of smoke. At least we don't see flames; thankful for that.

Jul 26 2015 5:14PM - What fire?!!! There isn't even any smoke in the air.

Jul 26 2015 9:32AM - Stay up to date on the Willow Fire Status:

Currently 1121 Acres,

Jul 26 2015 7:58AM - 67 degrees. Extremely smokey this morning. Fire status reports begin around 10:00 am. We don't hear any tankers or helicopters yet. The DC-10, AKA VLAT, flew directly over our home yesterday doing a big turn to go back for a 2nd drop.

Jul 21 2015 9:48AM - 77 degrees, partially cloudy and muggy. Weather website says 60% chance of thunderstorms today. Last night we had the biggest torrential downpour Chris or I can ever remember. Come again today?!

Jul 5 2015 1:45PM - 93 degrees, Sunny, lazy day.

Jun 28 2015 7:54AM - 79 degrees, occasional wind, patchy clouds. 20% chance of showers tomorrow and Tuesday.

Jun 27 2015 5:01PM - 90 degrees and slightly overcast. Yesterday was a wonderful birthday, thank you to everyone who emailed/called/came by with flowers (the night before). Friends mean more the older you get.

Jun 20 2015 8:57AM - 80 Degrees, a little smoke, overall a beautiful day in our neighborhood!

Jun 19 2015 10:07AM - Smoke blowing in from the Corrinne Lake Fire. It was clear this morning until the wind direction changed.

Jun 15 2015 8:19AM - 76 degrees, no clouds, no wind, forecast for the week is a high of 94 degrees. Get those outside work jobs out of the way this morning.

Jun 8 2015 3:25PM - 94 degrees. Another beautiful day in paradise. Glad to be back here!

May 31 2015 9:29AM - 81 Degrees at 9:30. Cooldown predicted later in the week. No rain in sight.

May 29 2015 6:44AM - 59 degrees. Sunny and predicted high of 93 DEGREES today!
One word for everyone: HYDRATE (that means drink lots of fluids).

May 11 2015 6:50AM - 54 degrees, a little wind, high of 77 degrees. BUT - partly cloudy Wednesday night and chance of showers Thursday through Saturday night.

May 10 2015 6:16AM - 49 degrees approaching 80 today. Rain is gone but chance of thunderstorms next weekend. Happy Mothers Day!

May 7 2015 6:49AM - 46 Degrees. No rain yet, still see some blue sky out there.

May 2 2015 3:16PM - Mid afternoon and nice day - 79 degrees, beautiful sky.

Apr 30 2015 7:08AM - 57 degrees of beautiful weather. I love rainy days, wish we could have more of them but who can not enjoy these beautiful, temperate days?

Anyone interested in a ceremony to welcome the moon on Sunday evening?

Apr 28 2015 7:16AM - 56 DEGREES of SUNSHINE. Fresno looking for a high of 90 this afternoon. WHEW! what a change.

Apr 27 2015 5:21PM - Linda/Horns say he the bear is bedding down at their place up here.

Apr 27 2015 8:00AM - BEAR! Bouche's had a BIG bear trying to climb there yard fence last night to get their trash.
On a gentler note - 53 Degrees with a high of 78 predicted for today. Weather report shows we received about 1+ inches of rain in this last storm.

Apr 25 2015 8:16AM - 38 degrees, raining, predicted snow to 4,000 feet - that's us! See the snow on the ridge?

Apr 24 2015 2:15PM - Interesting colors on the webcam. 56 degrees, cloudy, slight rain off and on all day.

Apr 21 2015 8:08AM - 59 degrees and more than 'partly' cloudy. After 11:00 am there is a 20% chance of thunderstorms - then 5 MPH wind.

Apr 15 2015 11:18AM - Beautiful Day, so far not a breeze. 66 degrees.

Apr 14 2015 7:51AM - Winds projected for the next week. Strange, nothing stirring right now.
45 Degrees.

Apr 11 2015 10:40AM - By popular request -- a little more sky in the picture. It takes the deck railing out of the picture so we won't see snow on it but probably not going to happen until next winter anyway.

Apr 10 2015 9:06AM - Sunny and warm for the next few days. No rain, no snow, just beautiful sunny days.

Apr 6 2015 10:35PM - Sunday night's NOAA Weather Forecast:
Latest information on Tue-Wed storm:
-Much cooler temperatures throughout the central California interior; temperatures falling to below average.
-Sierra Nevada from Yosemite to Tulare County: several inches expected in highest elevations,
although could see some light accumulations
(up to an inch) as low as 3000 feet.

Apr 2 2015 11:29AM - Sunny and chilly. Possible rain on Sunday.

Mar 24 2015 6:56AM - 33 degrees - really! New camera lens installed; the deck supports no longer look like they curve. Thank you Chris 🙂

Mar 18 2015 10:51AM - 51 degrees. 20% chance of showers until 11:00 pm. Pretty sunny looking but we can hope!

Mar 3 2015 9:19AM - 37 degrees, sunny no rain or snow in sight.

Mar 1 2015 7:00AM - 34 Degrees and BRIGHT sunshine. Just a quick dusting of snow yesterday - lasted a total of about 5 minutes. Weather report says 20% chance of showers - radar picture does not agree.

Feb 25 2015 3:30PM - Saturday afternoon snow to 3,500 feet. That's US!!!

Feb 23 2015 7:07AM - 37 degrees and a possibility of showers.

Feb 22 2015 1:48PM - Snow on the top of Peckinpah Ridge -- look closely . 41 COLD degrees right now.

Feb 22 2015 9:25AM - 36 degrees and raining. COME ON snow!! The radar picture looks like the storm is circling down towards us from the Northeast.

Feb 21 2015 8:23AM - Hold your breath -- maybe some rain, remote possibility a dusting of snow. Sometimes they get the amount wrong so we can hope for lots of snow! 48 degrees right now.

Feb 13 2015 11:19AM - Scaffolding for paint.

Feb 12 2015 8:17AM - 55 degrees and sunny. Forecast says highs of 72 degrees as far as we can see..... Where's WINTER?

Feb 11 2015 6:42AM - 45 degrees and SUNNY Day. Beautiful multi-colored Sunrise.

Feb 1 2015 10:40AM - 60 degrees, overcast looking like it could be the fog trying to move in again. Can you tell the difference with the new HD camera?

Jan 31 2015 9:17AM - NEW HD webcam. Unfortunately we are immersed in fog so can't appreciate the long range view. 44 Brrr Degrees.

Jan 25 2015 8:57AM - 57 degrees. 50% chance of showers in our future.
The current picture is from our original camera -- New HD camera on order - keep in touch!

Jan 24 2015 8:47AM - Chris is upgrading the webcam to one that should be more reliable. Meanwhile you get a quick look at the top of my desk while he works on it without having to run back and forth to the window.
BTW, it is 50 degrees right now.

Jan 10 2015 7:56AM - 49 degrees, sunny and little chance of rain

Jan 2 2015 7:56AM - 34 degrees and sunny. The Tibetan Prayer flags all made it through the windstorm.

Jan 1 2015 12:56PM - All the way up to a Toasty 45 Degrees!

Dec 31 2014 7:40AM - TOASTY 31 degrees and lots of wind.

Dec 30 2014 7:24AM - 31 Degrees. Slight (tiny) dusting of popcorn snow.

Dec 28 2014 8:04AM - 37 degrees and sunny.

Dec 18 2014 7:32AM - 36 degrees. Sunny with no clouds in the sky.

Dec 17 2014 8:44AM - Webcam software fixed - back to current view just in time to see the snow on Peckinpah. 38 degrees and no snow on the ground at this elevation.

Nov 15 2014 9:28AM - 52 degrees. Sunny. Maybe rain next week.

Nov 11 2014 6:42AM - 51 degrees. That is cold! Possible showers tomorrow night and Thursday. We'll take whatever we can get!

Nov 8 2014 9:48AM - 75 degrees, sunny, no rain or snow or even clouds in the foreseeable future.

Nov 1 2014 9:09AM - See the snow? Look between the 'flags' at the ridge across from us -- the snow is in the trees. BEAUTIFUL and WELCOME!!!

Nov 1 2014 8:47AM - 34 Degrees and raining. Occasional 'thick' rain. Wish it would really snow!

Oct 30 2014 10:10AM - 90 % chance of rain Friday evening. Snowfall to 5,500 feet -- sometimes this includes us even though we are at a lower elevation.

Oct 28 2014 8:31AM - 51 degrees. 50% chance of rain Friday night. HOPE, HOPE, HOPE!!

Oct 20 2014 8:38AM - 58 degrees, Sunny as far as NOAA can predict.

Oct 15 2014 7:10AM - 52 degrees. Brrrr. High in the low 70s, high 60s for the rest of the week.

Oct 10 2014 7:28AM - 59 degrees this morning. By next Wednesday predicting a high of 79 degrees. Is it time to open up that Sweater Drawer?

Oct 8 2014 6:27AM - 64 degrees, sun rising slowly.

Oct 7 2014 7:09AM - 65 degrees, sunny, no wind.

Oct 5 2014 6:28AM - Another warm day 66 degrees going to a high of 92.

Sep 26 2014 8:17AM - 59 degrees, cloudy, smells 'wet' but not rain predicted. Perhaps it is just my wishing.

Sep 24 2014 7:44AM - 65 degrees, sunny today. Cloudy, cooler weather on its way. Hooray!

Sep 20 2014 6:44AM - 61 Degrees. 20% chance of thunderstorms.

Sep 18 2014 6:59AM - 62 degrees, going for a high of 81 today.

Sep 1 2014 7:09AM - 65 degrees, sunny, no nearby fires -- It's a GOOD day!

Aug 26 2014 7:06AM - 59 degrees. Definitely feels cool in the mornings now. Hurry up rain!

Aug 25 2014 6:52AM - 61 degrees, mornings feel much cooler with higher humidity.

Aug 24 2014 7:20AM - 62 degrees, sunny, no smoke in the air.

Aug 22 2014 6:56AM - 65 Degrees. clear day

Aug 21 2014 7:05AM - 68 degrees without a major fire nearby, Halleluiah!

Aug 20 2014 10:34AM - 87 degrees, clear skies - very slight smoke in the air. Fire has moved away from structures and all roads have reopened. You can now drive on Highway 41 into Yosemite.

Aug 3 2014 8:13AM - 72 degrees, smoke and some clouds. 30% chance of showers and Thunderstorms. Maybe good news putting out the fire. Maybe bad news creating more fires that will spread resources.

Jul 30 2014 8:52AM - 72 degrees -- good for the firefighters, Gusty Winds - not good for firefighters, 5,600 Acres destroyed through last night's report of the French Fire (named after the French Trail between North Fork and Mammoth?).

Jul 30 2014 5:59AM - RAIN!!! Sprinkling really but every little bit helps.

Jul 29 2014 9:44AM - 81 degrees, smoke does cut down on sunlight. If you are concerned because you cannot see anything from our webcam I can only say ME TOO. We are deluged in smoke and the fire report says it is 0% contained -- at either 2,000 or 3,000 acres depending on which report you read.

Jul 27 2014 9:23AM - 89 degrees right now. Looking for a hot day beginning a hot week with a forest fire in Yosemite near Foresta. Exciting day ahead.

Jul 26 2014 6:33AM - 70 degrees. Partly cloudy the next two nights - from the monsoon working its way North.

Jul 23 2014 6:54AM - 64 degrees Brrrrrr. Okay maybe not cold, but a welcome change.

Jul 19 2014 12:16PM - 92 degrees, slightly overcast, possibility of Thunderstorms this afternoon/evening.

Jul 18 2014 9:43AM - 78 degrees! It looks like we have about a week of cooler days.

Jul 11 2014 7:07AM - 67 degrees. 'LOW' of 90 today then it gets hot again. Take a walk!

Jul 9 2014 7:41AM - 75 degrees, sunny (of course) , at least we are not experiencing last year's smoke from the fires.

Jul 7 2014 7:25AM - Indoor temperature 75 degrees, forecast is 101 degrees. Major overcast.

Jul 5 2014 8:35AM - Tibetan Prayer Flags

Jul 3 2014 10:07AM - Just a FYI update -- 95 degrees at 10:00.

Jul 3 2014 8:06AM - 85 degrees - this early in the morning! It is going to be a scorcher!

Jul 2 2014 9:46AM - 87 degrees and rising. Everything is SO dry.

Jun 26 2014 6:51AM - Wimpster the Wise Old Owl is watching YOU and wishing you a Happy Shower Day.

Jun 23 2014 7:45AM - 67 BEAUTIFUL, GLORIOUS degrees. The scene you are looking at right now came within a few minutes of being burned to a crisp yesterday afternoon. It would have been directly in the path of the fire -- directly uphill and about 50 feet from where it started.

In case you missed the story online:

Jun 9 2014 6:43AM - 70 degrees, warm night, going for a high of 99 today. The ground is warm and the nights are not getting as cold.

Jun 3 2014 7:02AM - 61 degrees. Sunny, Looking for a high of 85 degrees. Beautiful day in paradise, good to be home.

May 29 2014 10:11AM - 73 degrees, overcast, predicted light wind. High of 82.

May 26 2014 12:10PM - 90 degrees, no clouds. Tomorrow the Road Maintenance People will return to finish topping and sealing our upper road.

May 24 2014 6:47AM - 58 degrees. NOAA predicts 84 degrees high for today going to 89 on Memorial Day.

May 21 2014 6:26AM - 46 degrees. Cloudy. Chance of showers and thunderstorms until 11:00.

May 20 2014 7:01AM - 44 degrees. Light rain fell earlier this morning. Quiet, foggy morning with thunderstorms expected later.

May 17 2014 10:24AM - 80 degrees. NOAA says cooler tomorrow.

May 16 2014 9:23AM - 77 degrees going for a high of 87 today and 75 on Sunday.

May 15 2014 2:58PM - 87 degrees, still climbing for another hour or so

May 12 2014 7:13AM - 54 degrees. Hot weather on its way. NOAA predicts high of 84 HERE tomorrow.

May 11 2014 8:04AM - Last 24 hours our weather monitor registered 38 MPH gusts.

May 11 2014 7:26AM - 49 degrees. WINDY, Wind chill 34 degrees.

May 5 2014 6:48AM - 52 degrees. High of 67 per NOAA and 50% chance of showers tonight.

Apr 28 2014 7:44AM - 46 degrees, sunny.

Apr 27 2014 6:26AM - 37 degrees. Partly cloudy (looks like it will be sunny to me).

Apr 26 2014 6:37AM - SNOW!!! Look at Peckinpah Peak and the hill across Cascadel Ranch.
33 degrees this morning. Predicted high of 79 degrees on Wednesday. What spring weather would you like?

Apr 20 2014 6:55AM - 54 degrees. Happy Easter! Maybe showers Tuesday with a nightime low of 36 degrees.

Apr 14 2014 6:55AM - 49 degrees, Sunny, high of 76 degrees. Fire this morning feels good.

Apr 10 2014 8:46AM - 64 Degrees. Look for the Owl!

Apr 9 2014 10:13AM - Sunshine, scattered clouds, NOAA predicts wind after midnight

Apr 2 2014 8:26AM - 36 degrees, about 4 inches of snow during the night. Electricity went off but PG&E restored it about 8:00 this morning just as we were hooking up the generator. Melting FAST 🙁

Mar 31 2014 7:48AM - 38 degrees and snow/rain prediction weakening.

Mar 29 2014 10:16AM - 63 degrees. NOAA says 30% chance of rain today and possibility of heavy rain tonight. (rain dance at 11:00).

Mar 23 2014 6:53AM - 45.9 degrees.

Mar 10 2014 10:45AM - 52 degrees, new system so all my earlier posts are lost. 🙁

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